Phuket Thai and internnational restaurant Breakpoint in Patong Beach

Phuket Thai Restaurant in Patong

Restaurant Break Point

Phuket Restaurant Break PointPhuket Restaurant Break PointPhuket restaurant Break Point

Best Location, Best Foods and Most reasonable!

Enjoy the cheapest beer in Phuket! We serve tasty Thai and international dishes, seafood, steak and pizza at reasonable prices. Free pool game.

Our menu features 188 dishes!
(The prices are in Thai Baht)

Sirloin steak Sweet and sour fish Sirloin steak 390B Sweet and sour fish

Deep fried toast topped with prawn pasteHot pan plate tiger prawn Tom Yam Goong Deep fried toast topped with prawn paste 90B Hot pan plate tiger prawn 150B/100g Tom Yam Goong 90B
Pizza Mix grill American styleBangers, Beans and Mashed Pizza 120B-140B Mix grill American style 390B Bangers, Beans and Mashed 160B
Kebab Rock lobster thermidor Breast of chicken Kebab 390B Rock lobster thermidor the 140B/100g Breast of chicken 120B
Roast chickenWiener Schnitzel Salmon Break Point Roast chicken 180B Wiener Schnitzel 120B Salmon Break Point 350B
Fried chicken/ cashewnut
Fried chicken/ cashewnut 60B
Banana Split
Banana Split 70B
Continental Breakfast 60B, American Breakfast 90B, English reakfast 150B
11 Appetizers 40-100
5 Soups 50
7 Salads 40-90
11 Sandwiches and Burgers 50-180
15 Seafood dishes in western style 120-350
19 Meat dishes in western style 120-390
18 Main courses and steak 120-490
84 Thai dishes 45-110
Thai seafood dishes 45B/100g
12 desserts and ice cream 20-90

Drink List

Enjoy the cheapest and coldest Beer in Phuket!

  • Heineken Draught 40B
    Chang beer 30B/60B
    Wine bottle 450B
  • Heineken bottle 55B
    Singha beer 40B/80B
    Glass wine 80B

  • Cocktails
  • Blue Hawaii 150B
    Chi Chi 150B
    Margarita 120B
    Gin Lime 80B
  • Mai Tai 150B
    Maruru 150B
    Martini 110B
  • Whiskies &Spirits SpiritsHennesy 150B
    Johnnie Walker Black 130B
    Chivas Regal 130B
    Gin Walker 100B
  • Jack Daniels 130B
    Wild Turkey 100B
    Kalhua 100B
    Tequila, Rum 100B
  • Soft Drinks & Coffees
    Frozen 45B
    Espresso 30B
    Fruit Tea 45B
    Orange Juice 45B
    Coke/Sprite/Fanta 15B Shake 45B
    Capuccino 40B
    Lemon Juice 45B